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About this practice

We are dedicated to improving healthcare for the communities of Africa , GCC and Egypt that our clients serve—this has long been part of our stated mission.
Most governments and healthcare industry leaders understand that spending increases cannot continue indefinitely and are looking for ways to drive innovation and efficiencies while improving health. That’s where we come in.

What we do

We work with private and public healthcare leaders to identify innovative ways to tackle today’s biggest healthcare challenges. We are at the forefront of making healthcare better, more affordable, and more accessible for millions of people around the world. Our impact spans the globe and some examples include:
•    Improved the affordability of healthcare 
•    Supported public Private PartnershipPrograms
•    Cut emergency room wait times 
•    reduced ambulance diversion due to ER congestion 
•    Developed new product design capabilities for med-tech companies 
•    Implemented outcomes-based payment 
•    Established an innovative partnership 
•    Deployed advanced analytics, digital, and design-thinking to transform Nigeria’s vaccine supply chain, delivering 30 percent improvement in baseline performance and developed an emergency operations center to help reduce polio disease levels by 99 percent.


Our approach is highly collaborative: from supporting government agencies with technical analysis, as they set priorities, to working with clinicians—for example, to increase nurse satisfaction and reduce turnover. We work hand in hand with clients to help deliver measurable impact and build their capabilities.

Who we are ?

We bring a regional perspective and deep understanding of how healthcare works, with the experience to counsel senior healthcare stakeholders, plus the size and scale that ensures real expertise across the landscape.
Our team comprises more than 49 consultants regional —over 360 physicians, nurses, social workers, pharmacists, and other clinicians. Over 12 actuaries, data scientists, and analysts apply advanced analytics to financial, clinical, and socio-economic data, while more than 25 engineers and design professionals build and deploy digital solutions.
Operator for health Care services healthcare consultants speak over 100 languages and have supported clients in 70-plus countries. Nearly half of our consultants, analysts, and engineers (including our partners) are women.


•    Middle East & Africa
•    Asia

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