Egyptian Accreditation Programs

One of the strategic objectives for Egypt’s 2030 Vision is the implementation of a clearly controlled, transparent, and fair regulatory system.

To ensure the quality and safety of health services, it was established that the condition of accreditation is necessary for contracting with health facilities to provide services to citizens through the existence of an independent authority. GAHAR was established under Law No. 2 for the year 2018 pertaining to the Universal Health Insurance system.

It is the responsibility of GAHAR to maintain this status of being the accrediting and regulating body, strongly rooted in its independence, which is stipulated by law. GAHAR is an independent authority under the direct supervision of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El Sisi.

We are the body responsible for issuing standards to ensure the provision of health care services in different health facilities in accordance with the highest quality and safety. These standards have been prepared by healthcare quality experts and are intended to be in line with the latest developments in quality and global safety. The standards are meant to be pillars that provide safe services to patients. The patient is the main axis around which GAHAR’s work revolves.

Our role is not limited to evaluating health facilities by specialists with accredited international expertise in the field of health care; it extends to help health establishments develop performance and reduce risk factors. This happens through using the scientific method to manage the risks and detect them before they occur and work to take all necessary measures to prevent them from occurring or repeating them.

The existence of an integrated orientation program for capacity building enables the recipients to improve the performance of the health system to which they belong. This occurs when the available resources are optimized, and the scientific method is used in measurement and follow-up, together ensuring the highest quality and safety in the provision of service.

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